The Project Bible   - a Fiction Writing Course
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A Project Bible is a reference source and resource for genre fiction writers that allows you to customize every aspect of how you create and draft a  story. 

Having a Project Bible means:

* no more going off on tangents
* no more dead-ending half way through the project
* no more false starts
* no more careless mistakes or confusion
* no more dreadful first drafts requiring endless revisions

A Project Bible enhances creativity and provides essentials needed for any type of fiction— short story, novel, saga, trilogy, or even some creative nonfiction. Having a Project Bible walks you through characterization and plot, theme, and reader's genre expectations.

A Project Bible is a godsend that allows you to generate cleaner copy, stay on track, and consistently complete marketable fiction. A Project Bible enables you to become a producing writer of marketable tales.

Course materials consist of — 

     6 sessions

   86 pages

   14 handouts (cheat sheets and examples)


This is not a one-on-one course  —  inquire if you wish to convert this to a one-on-one course at

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Connect with Catherine 

  This material was developed by author and writing instructor Catherine E. McLean for her writer's workshops and  her Writers Cheat Sheets. This course is offered, published, and distributed exclusively through Rimstone Concepts.

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The Project Bible - a Fiction Writing Course

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