The Noise of Their Name - a Fiction Writing Course
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Since nothing in a story must stop the reader and pull them out of the story world, every name used deserves scrutiny.

After all, names not only identify characters but names also identify worlds and realms, gadgets and technology, beasts and vegetation, aliens and robots, and much more. This in-depth course is the same material that the instructor uses for her month-long online course. The material covers:

♪ How the look of a name (its spelling) and its accompanying noise (the pronunciation, sound, and rhythm) resonates on a conscious and subconscious level and how that affects a reader and the story
♪ How archetype names are shortcuts to a character's character (which eliminates drafting thousands of words to figure out tags and traits)
♪ How to recognize, decipher, and understand the symbolism and patterns in word-names (real life examples include Pansy O'Hara vs. Scarlett O'Hara, Sherringford Holmes vs. Sherlock Holmes, and Luke Starkiller vs. Luke Skywalker)
♪How to avoid unpronounceable, confusing, and kazoo-sounding names like Tacye and Cuxirimay
♪ How to spot unintentional word-name rhyming as well as repetitions, which ruins the flow of a story
♪ How to avoid Freudian slips and faux paus like Sean Conner and Amerizana

   To optimize reader believability and streamline the storytelling process, it's necessary to understand how The Noise of Their Name affects a reader.

BONUS: "10 Ways to Create Believable Word-Names for a Story."

TESTIMONIAL - This course has changed the way I think about naming characters and about worldbuilding. Before, I simply named characters and objects based on what I thought sounded good, without understanding the importance of the logic behind the name or the psychological resonance of the sounds in the name. Catherine has sent me back to the drawing board, in the best possible way, armed with the tools I need to come up with names that will enhance the emotional journey of my story. I wish I had come across this course much, much sooner in my writing career.
- B. Johnston

Act now and save! Pay only $45 for this course material that includes 4 parts and 125 pages of helpful and useful information.

PLEASE NOTE - In order to fully benefit from this course you must have one or more completed manuscripts.

INSTRUCTOR:  Author, Writing Instructor, and Workshop Speaker - Catherine E. McLean 

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The Noise of Their Name - a Fiction Writing Course

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