TERRIFIC TITLES - All-inclusive Guide to Creating Story Titles
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TERRIFIC TITLES is the definitive, all-inclusive guide and source for how to generate a worthy and marketable fiction or creative nonfiction book or story title that will catch an editor's, agent's or reader's attention. Topics from the Table of Contents include:

* Just How Important is a Story's Title?
      The Qualities of a Great Title
      What to Avoid in a Title
* The First Title is the "File Title"
* The "Working-Marketing" Title
* How to Brainstorm a Title
* 9 Methods to Beget a Title
* What if Brainstorming Fails?
* After Brainstorming the Title(s) - Questions to Ask
* Titles for a Series
* How to Type a Title

* BONUS - CHEAT SHEET and WORKSHEETS                          

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     This material was developed by author and writing instructor Catherine E. McLean for her writer's workshops and offered, published, and distributed exclusively through Rimstone Concepts. Connect with Catherine at www.CatherineEmclean.com.


    Whether you write fiction or creative nonfiction, short story to novel length, titles are one of the most important aspects of a story. You see, a title is not only the story's identity but it's also what initially draws an editor's, agent's, or reader's attention.

    And the secret to discovering a great title is this:  the title is inside the story's text. That's right, somewhere between page one and "the end" are the key words for the title. Which means an author must find those words and put them together in such a way that a great title will entice, captivate, or attract a reader.

    On rare occasions, the title may come to you at the beginning of (or during) the drafting process and you instinctively know that it's the best title, a terrific title.     However, usually coming up with a title is as elusive as hunting a snipe. So, if you are intent on begetting the best possible title for your work, discovering that title will take time, and it can be frustrating, even difficult, yet by persevering, the end result will be worth it.

    There are many how-to books on writing, but they seldom mention ways to generate a title. Doing online searches may net blog posts or essays, but the advice is limited. There's even a book title generator website. I don't recommend that site because it just randomly matches words. What I do recommend is a four-step, all-inclusive plan of understanding, research, brainstorming, and then finalizing a worthwhile title.

    Let's look at some of the things an author needs to understand ***END EXCERPT***

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TERRIFIC TITLES - All-inclusive Guide to Creating Story Titles

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