Make That Pitch - online course for fiction writers
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Make That Pitch - an online course for fiction writers

Authors and writers— take the anxiety out of creating pitches for marketing your book with Make That Pitch, a downloadable, interactive, writing course.

Make that Pitch is not a cookie-cutter formula. The course provides worksheets that pinpoint the various aspects needed for a pitch, regardless of genre. This includes a story's theme, high stakes, unique story angles, tone, and key marketing points. This information is vital for—

● creating the all-important elevator pitch—those 25 words or less tag line (or log line)

● the mini-synopsis for query letters, cover letters, face-to-face pitch sessions at conferences that then becomes—

● the back cover copy-blurb or the descriptive book summary in under 250 words that's used for online booksellers and which gets readers to open the book and read sample pages

Plus— Make That Pitch includes—

A walk-through of a face-to-face pitch session with an agent or editor what to do and not to do.

Secrets, tips, and practical advice on how to turn your business card and bio into a pitch that garners attention and results

Real-time Feedback by the course's instructor.

Course Instructor - Catherine E. McLean, Author-Writing Instructor-Workshop Speaker.  This course is taken from her month-long online course Make That Pitch, now distributed by Rimstone Concepts.

Make That Pitch - Comes in two, downloadable PDFs totaling more than 50 pages of step-by-step, nuts-and-bolts, how-to successfully create pitches so you can confidently market your work.

PLEASE NOTE - In order to fully benefit from this course you must have a completed, book-length work of fiction

This is a private, one-on-one, comprehensive course and includes real-time feedback and help from the instructor.

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Make That Pitch - online course for fiction writers

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