HOOKS 02 - Marketing & Author 1-on-1 course
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Marketing & Author Hooks is the second part of HOOKS,  an interactive online course. In this session, you'll learn how to create and use Marketing Hooks like— 

■    Tag Lines, log lines, and elevator pitches of 25 words or less (which are necessary for a synopsis, query letter, back cover copy-blurb, and descriptive summaries for online book selling)

■    Tag Lines you can use when you meet potential readers and make them curious to read sample pages of your book

Being an Author or writer, you also need effective hooks when you use— 

■    Your Biography
■    Social Media, Website, or blog
■    Branding
■    Your business card and other handouts

Story Hooks is a 26 page guide on effective hooks which is now available as a 1-on-1 course by author Catherine E. McLean.

Included in the course is realtime Feedback and help by the course's instructor.


Also Available -  HOOKS - Story Hooks by Catherine E. McLean

***This course may be purchased along with Hooks-Story Hooks at a discounted price. See Hooks-Buy Both Coures and Save

Connect with Catherine - get free downloadable "Writers Cheat Sheets" at http://www.writerscheatsheets.com/free-writers-cheat-sheets.html


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HOOKS 02 - Marketing & Author 1-on-1 course

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