HOOKS 01- Story Hooks     - a 1-on-1 course for fiction writers
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Hooks--STORY HOOKS is the first of a duo of 1-on-1 online courses for fiction writers.  In Story Hooks,  students learn how to generate and use effective "hooks" for the opening of a story as well as for the closing chapters and the opening of the followingt chapter. Included are hooks for writing contest entry endings and more.

STUDENT'S QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED BY THE COURSE INSTRUCTOR. Included in the course - students have the opportunity to receive feedback on the opening 300 words of the first chapter of their story.

This material was developed by author and writing instructor Catherine E. McLean for her writer's workshops and  her Writers Cheat Sheets. This course is offered, published, and distributed exclusively through Rimstone Concepts.


Also Available -  HOOKS - Marketing and Author Hooks, the companion mini-course to Story Hooks by Catherine E. McLean


***This course may be purchased along with Hooks-Story Hooks at a discounted price. See Hooks-Buy Both Coures and Save

Connect with Catherine - get free downloadable "Writers Cheat Sheets" at http://www.writerscheatsheets.com/free-writers-cheat-sheets.html

 Read what they say about Catherine's courses and workshops HERE


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HOOKS 01- Story Hooks - a 1-on-1 course for fiction writers

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