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     There is a world of difference between writing stories and penning page-turning fiction.

     What most writers don't realize is that the schooling they received taught them to communicate, not write fiction or be storytellers. Talent will take a writer only so far, and it is craft that enhances and liberates creativity.


As of January 10, 2018, I am no longer editing manuscripts. I am, however, open to queries to evaluate various fiction marketing tools like - 

First Five Pages of a Novel

First page of a Short Story

Hook openings for short stories, novels, query letters, etc.


A book's back cover copy (the pitch to the reader)

Author's Bio

Query Letters

Query with your needs and ask for a price quote -

Catherine E. McLean, Author-Writing Instructor-Workshop Speaker


"Craft enhances talent"






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Feedback for Your Fiction - McLean

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