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     There is a world of difference between writing stories and penning page-turning fiction.

     What most writers don't realize is that the schooling they received taught them to communicate, not write fiction or be storytellers.

     It's also a fact that, in the first ten pages of a work, whatever errors you're making will be repeated throughout the story.  Sure, you can pay $2 to $12 or more a page for a copyeditor's and copy writer's services. However, it makes better sense to have a knowledgeable person, a published author and storyteller, evaluate those first pages.

     That evaluation means pointing out and explaining why something isn't working and what's turning the reader off. It's more than grammar and punctuation. It's voice, Point of View-Viewpoint, and so much more that goes into great stories readers want to buy.

     Once you have an evaluation, you save money by self-editing the rest of your book.

    So, take a shortcut to publication. Act now — get an evaluation to dramatically improve your writing.


Write smarter and express yourself radiantly, with clarity and style--and get published.

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Catherine E. McLean, Author-Writing Instructor-Workshop Speaker * www.WritersCheatSheets.com

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Editing-Concept Development - McLean

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